Here is the top entry that stays at the top of my page as an introduction thingy but maaaan, this text has to be eye-catching AND cleverly written so that it represents this site well ... or not. Maybe I just leave it as it and hope you're having fun exploring my little world.

I'm Shoe (she/her), i have passed the 30 a few years ago and enjoy making websites and exploring what other people are doing. Have a look at the About section if you want to know more.

from eggramen

To do's

♦ About me
• Music Done but will probably get added on.
• Books
• Games Done!
• Movies and Series
♦ Book recommendations (e.g. Stolen Focus)
♦ Little icons for lists bullet points (and also for the things I like)
♦ Blog Done, Yay!
♦ credits / resources page Far from finished, but it exsits!
♦ Figure out what's up with the stupid link-colours! - Yes! Got it!
♦ Build the whole website, you bleb! - I mean, it's there and has pages and stuff - now the details!
♦ My own Button
♦ Guestbook

Disclaimer I realise that people don't always have access to a desktop or a big enough screen to look at static pages. I would love to be able to provide the full Shoe Website experience to everyone BUT I am just not there, yet. I don't know how to code responsive websites and for me, it takes the whole fun out of building a website when I have to worry about all different platforms (one of the reasons why I couldn't keep up with my other blog). This is my space (not to be confused with myspace) and my playground, so I guess, my rules. And I rule: No proper phone access (for now). (Also: Parenthesis are fun and I will use them 'til my dying days)

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